Cleaned pc - now it wont turn on porperly

hi, i've just cleaned my custom built pc, i took the ram/hdd/optic drive/cpu fan/gpu out to clean, i kept the motherboard in, i put everything back together, when i turn it on my monitor stays in stand by mode (which is vga connected to my gpu) and my mouse and keyboard musnt have any power as they dont light up which are obviously usb connections straight into the motherboard at the back of my pc

can anyone help please?
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  1. Did you wear anitstatic wrist band and work o a surface thats cannot hold static?
  2. Reseat the RAM and GPU.

    When you took out the CPU fan, did you remove the heatsink? Did you re-apply thermal paste?
    Do you get any beeps?
  3. this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
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