PC Freezes After 5-10 minutes of Working

So I have Ubuntu 12.04 32bit.
And one day while I was working my PC got frozen! (It was the first time ever as I never had any freezing on Ubuntu ever) And when I restarted my PC the problem appeared after 5 minutes of working...

I unplugged all the cables took out the Ram and let it be like that for almost 2 days, I plugged everything in then again and turned on the PC it seemed like it was working a bit more than ever, Maybe 5 minutes more but then it froze again...

I didn't work with my PC for one more week again and the room temperature was about 10 degrees. But as I started working with it again I have the same problem still... It freezes after 5-10 minutes, But I think it freezes when I open files , So I thought maybe it CAN be because of the HDD ?

I test my Ram with Memtest+ and both of the times while I was testing it hanged at 33%. So It CAN be Ram as well !!

A friend of mine told me that maybe CPU is out of service.

So can anyone tell me some ways to actually test which hardware should be changed ?

I do not have any friends who have PCs so I cannot test my hardware on their PC or use their hardware on my PC
There are not any shops here who will ONLY test my Computer and tell me what is wrong with it , they will investigate the problem but they will also want to replace that diagnosed Hardware which it will be really expensive as here Hardware is very expensive so I want to find out the problem myself and order the destroyed hardware from Ebay
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  1. Do you have two sticks of RAM? If so, pull one out and test the other. If it passes, swap them and test to isolate if it's a bad stick.

    Have you run CHKDSK?

    Have you used compressed air to clean out all the heatsinks?
  2. No I have only one stick of Ram.

    No I haven't run CHKDSK, I will do it , Thanks for the suggestion.
    Memtest+ failed to complete the test (As I mentioned it gets stuck at 33% , System freezes)

    I had a very good clean up about 2 months before and I even changed my CPU Fan.

    One fact I forgot to say is that before this problem started to appear I had been using "VMWare" to run Windows XP inside Ubuntu for about 2 weeks and it was working OK (Good speed)
  3. If you only have one stick and it can't pass, I'd grab some RAM. It's cheap and if that doesn't fix the problem you should be able to return it.
  4. As I mentioned I want to buy it from Ebay so returning it would be a whole crappy story and waste of time so I just want to detect the problem and then buy something
  5. Why ebay? Best Buy or a local computer store should have some super cheap ram.
  6. Best answer
    1)test your ram using MEMTEST

    2)run burintest

    3)update your bios

    4)and how are you temps

    5)run y-cruncher for about an hour and take a screenshot of the core temp window


    7)Core Temp

    8)also how old is your psu(power supply) and what type is it?

    Note: if you want cheap ram then get this
    if it turns out being a ram issue then just either RMA you ram or get new ram which you will want to get dual channel even if you only have 4gb the dual channel will greatly increase performance
  7. I investigated the problem and fixed it.
    It was CPU and Motherboard chipsets problem, Both of them were heavily damaged due to overheating. So I replaced 'em with new CPU and Motherboard.

    Thanks a bunch for all the replies.
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