Excuse the daft questions but I'm struggling.

I am running Black Ops 2 on a card (GeForce GT220 1gb) with 4gb of memry. The game runs (despite the card NOT supporting Dx11) and I am aware that the RAM is minimum.

If I install a card that supports Dx11 and up the RAM to 8gb will the difference really be noticable?

Although I have lowered some of the game specs, it doesn't lag, pixelate etc??

Advise really welcome.

Also, is the Radeon 6670 a much better card than the one I'm using and does it make a great deal of difference between 1gb or 2gb on the card?

Many thanks
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  1. Black Ops 2 is a game that can be run by any average Computer. It will surely show a difference if you'll upgrade.

    1B or 2GB will make no difference on many games but on high end GPU bound games (MOH Warfighter) you require memory around 2GB, and black ops 2 is not that type of game. If you'll only play Black ops 2 than 6670 is good enough.

    RAM too doesn't have much effect, even 4GB is enough for Black Ops 2.
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