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Hybrid physx

Hello everyone,
I am gonna buy a GPU like the gt430 or the gt610, both of which support dx11. My question is, is it possible to use them for physx only when I buy a radeon later on?

(as in, can i use them for hybrid physx even though they dont support sli??)

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    Yes. SLI is not required for hybrid Physx with a Radeon card.
  2. A little tricky but follow the guides and you're good to go
  3. for dedicated physx card don't use very weak card such as G610. snd you have to remember to make it physx work with radeon you're going to need hacked driver for it.

    my advice is if you want physx just go directly for strong nvidia cards. it is much easier that way. unless you already own radeon cards at the moment then its a different story
  4. Pairing a weak PhysX card to a strong GPU can actualy degrade performance, the PhysX card needs to be decently powerful.

    To make PhysX work with a Radeon card as the primary GPU requires some hacked drivers, no official support from Nvidia.
  5. renz496: true, you want to make sure to use a decent physx card, not just anything, for your dedicated card. Something too slow will perform worse with it than without it. 430 might be ok, but a x4x or x5x and above are good contenders.

    Physx depends mostly on the number "CUDA cores" which to most are assigned at random since they have little to do withover all gaming performance

    Reminds me why Nvidia leaves a poor taste in my mouth
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