Amd 6600 hd graphics card on battlefield 3

ok so i have an real old pc but i bought the AMD 6600 series graphics card and i want to buy a new proccesor fx 4100
Its a Quad core and really much faster then the one i had before (2,4 ghz and 1 core)
also i will buy 4 gb of ram card
Can i run battlefield 3 on about 30 fps with med-low graphics if i have the fx4100 amd 6600 series and 4 gb of ram,Can i run it?
i really want to play it.And also could i run crysis 2 and MW2-MW3 with that?
i runed COD4 on 60 fps on max 1980-1080 sometimes with this and after i upgrade can i run BF3 or Crysis 2?
i run crysis 1 easly 30-50 fps on low-med right now
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  1. I got some good news for you :D
    You can definitely run BF3 on medium settings with a frame rate of anywhere between 30-40 with those specs. Crysis 2 I am not sure about since I have never tried it but BF3 will work. Also I would grab some extra RAM as it is cheap as chips.
  2. I'm assuming that the graphics card is a 6670 since that seems to be the only one in the "6600 series". And to answer your question you will probably only be able to run BF3 and Crysis 2 on low since they're demanding games and the 6670 is a pretty weak and old GPU. The COD games should run fine though since they're not all that demanding.
  3. Im glad to hear that,i dont really want graphics just to run BF3 and im really happy to hear that :D thanks
    my family is on a low budget and being able to run BF3 still is great,thanks for reply! :p
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