Is this a good deal?

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a used (8 month old) system for $800. Is this a good deal or can I do better?

How much value do used computer parts lose every year? Does value go down even more if it happens to be a discontinued item?

CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2400 @ 3.1ghz

Ram: A-Data 1600mhz XPG Gaming DDR3 Ram 6GB

Mobo: MSI Z68-G45

GFX: Sapphire HD 6950 2GB

Monitor: Samsung P2770HD Full HD 1920x1080p

Cooler: Coolmaster Hyper 212plus

HDD: 2 x 250GB drives. Fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro, AVG, Office 2010 and Photoshop CS5 (guess this means no CDs)

Mouse and Keyboard: Standard slim keyboard and Zalman M100 1000dpi mouse

PSU: 600Watt

Is this a good deal for $800?
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  1. hmmm.,... the only good deal is monitor :) it should be 180ish
    the rest is outdated....

  2. $800 seems a bit steep for that system. Used equipment does not fetch any premium at all. I think the only thing that makes the system potentially worth it is the software and the monitor as mentioned above. I would make sure you get all CD media and product keys for Windows 7, Office, and Photoshop. Without the software keys, I would say about $600 with monitor.
  3. i would give no more than 700 dollars for that system. it is overall a nice set up but any used hardware looses close to 50% of it's value with time. so you do the math.
  4. And here I thought it was a good deal.. Thanks for the help guys! I'm glad I asked.
  5. I guess he is taxing much because of Photoshop CS5
    Those Adobe Softwares are Expensive. ;)
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    It doesn't seem like a bad deal. The i5 2400 is a generation old and we're right on the cusp of Haswell. Same for the GPU. That said, though, they're both pretty good performers and the software alone has pretty high value. $100 for a Windows License, $100 or so for Office 2010, and another insane amount for Photoshop CS5.

    Whether you credit the build for those licenses depends on if they're all legitimate and if that matters to you. If you don't mind using cracked software, then I wouldn't credit the build as much because you could just attain the cracked software yourself for no additional cost. If you do value legit software licenses (I do), then I would say it's definitely worth it if these are legal installs.

    The included monitor is also great for that price.

    Why is he using 3 sticks of 2 GB DDR3 with a z68 motherboard? You should be running two identical sticks with that chipset. There's no triple-channel support for Sandy Bridge.

    I wouldn't give any credit for those hard drives, either. What 250 GB drives is he using? Can't be as fast as modern 500 GB or even 1 TB platter drives from Samsung/Seagate and Western Digital.

    Even despite those knocks, though:

    Definitely worth the price for processor, software, and monitor.
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  8. Thank you mortonww and everyone else for the helpful replies!
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