Computer is acting funny...

Hello fellow friends,

My computer is acting up a little bit, nothing crazy but these "hick-ups" need to go away!

I originally had a tri channel ram set up in my computer (8Gb- 12 Gbin all), but if you notice the motherboard I have you know its not compatible for Tri Channel set up... Don't ask me how it was working but it was, so I just replaced the ram with Ram that is compatible with my motherboard, 16 Gb RipJaw Ram 1866...

Now I am having issues turing on the computer, sometimes in the middle of my gaming, and shutting off the computer... The computer last night ran just fine for me during my 3 hours of play on GW2, but when I tried to shut it down it wouldn't, then froze, and rebooted itself back up. It seems to freeze way to much for a computer that is so brand new, besides the video card. I have the automatic over clocking option turned on in my Bios, and also set the RAM to an XMP profile so its set a 1866.

I just dont know what I am having so many freeze's going on and what the problem is with the shut downs. Also I have the latest BIOS version for the motherboard... I don't know what I am doing wrong, unless you all think my GPU is going out and I need to replace it? OR if its the overclocking?

Thanks for the help everyone.
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  1. Is your video ramping up? Maybe its a Vram problem on GPU being used all up. Whats your graphics card?
  2. So I am assuming that the computer was running fine without the hiccups with the old ram and only started having issues after you installed the new ram. If this assumption is correct, have you tried running MemTest on the new ram to ensure the sticks are good?
  3. The graphics card is a 470 GTX 1.2 Gb EVGA.

    The old memory was causing hiccups as well, if I would try to type the password in on the login page to quickly it would freeze. Like if I didn't wait 3 sec's to type it would freeze.

    The new ram actually seems to make my computer run way more fluidly, obviously because it's made for my motherboard... But still getting this hiccups, but it's NOT freezing when I type my password in anymore.. so confused.
  4. The booting starts up much quicker, and like I said is much more fluid. I just know that the 470 GTX is old and has been put to use like crazy, I don't overclock it but before I got it, it was overclocked. The card has been in use for probably close to 2.5-3 years
  5. I apologize, but I just noticed that your setup includes a 120 Corsair Force 3 SSD with an ever-popular SandForce controller. Try taking a look at this link to see if it helps:
  6. Wow, thanks for the help Maui.... Should I just get a new SSD?? I mean doing all that BS seems like it would be just as easy as getting a better more RELIABLE SSD....
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    techbaddie said:
    Wow, thanks for the help Maui.... Should I just get a new SSD?? I mean doing all that BS seems like it would be just as easy as getting a better more RELIABLE SSD....

    No problem. As soon as I saw what SSD you were using I immediately thought of issues with some Sandforce controllers.

    Getting a new SSD is totally up to you. If it were me, yes I would get a new one. Based on reviews and general consensus, you should look at Samsung 840 Pro and Crucial M4 SSDs. Reference Tom's SSD charts:,3269.html
  8. I just ordered the SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series,

    Thanks for everyone's help, especially Maui (The CHOSEN ONE!)
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