HTPC build picopsu?

I am trying to put together a HTPC with great performance but also keep it slim enough to possible put behind my wall mounted flat screen. I have everything pretty much figured out except for the power supply. For the smallness factor I would love to incorporate a picopsu but I don't know if any of the models available can supply enough power.

Here is the potential build

AMD A10-5800K
G.SKILL Sniper 1866 2x4GB
Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2
Samsung slim 8x DVD Writer or maybe a bluray drive?
+ a picopsu if possible
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  1. if you buy a good htpc case most of the time the psu comes with it. as long as it's reputable brand i would go for it. you dont really need much power for such set up. this is probably an overkill for a htpc but it depends on what are you going to be doing with it.
  2. The 150-160W models should be OK. I'd go for the most powerful one you can though just in case, you want 200W really.
  3. I am leaning more towards an AMD A6-5400k. This should provide more than enough performance for a htpc and will put me more in the picopsu range.
  4. The A10-5700 is fine too
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