I want an advice on CPU upgrade.

I'll keep this short.
I've been meaning to upgrade my old CPU(AMD Athlon 64 X2) to something better. And now I' m left with the choice of choosing between AMD Phenom II X4 965 and X6 1100T.
I found the comparison sheet:
http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/782/AMD_Phenom_II_X4_965_(125W__BE)_vs_AMD_Phenom_II_X6_1100T.html ;
but I still wonder what would be a better choice. The upgrade is aimed at my gamin PC.
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  1. vote for AMD Phenom II X4 965
    x6 is sometimes slower in games, except if you do professional work/software
  2. whichever is cheaper. games prefer clocks to cores. at stock 965 has a higer clock than 1100 T though its only marginal.
    refer: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/102?vs=203
    good luck
    p.s. i would also suggest a mobo upgrade to am3+ if its possible for you as that will open up a good upgrade path for you right from bulldozer to piledriver to steamroller.
  3. The X4 is likely to be a better gamer , but that could depend on the game

    Start by finding your motherboard makers web page and checking the list of supported cpu's
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