BFG G9600 GT OC 512MB connections to PSU

Hi, I've just replaced the motherboard in a pc and there was a 9600GT OC installed. The PSU has no PCI-e 6 pin power so twas connected with a 6pin to 2x 4 pin molex adapter but only one of th 4 pins was connected. Does anyone now if both 4 pins are supposed to be connected to the PSU? Als, if only 1ws connected, would that cause the mb to try to drag more power via the mb adapter slot?

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  1. yes you need to connect two 4 pin molex to get the 6 pin power to the card. if you have one of them not connected the video card will not receive enough power and your system wont boot
  2. Thanks, Oddly it was working but I noticed when I loaded skyrim and it was dealing with heavy graphics I noticed a burning smell from the PSU. It's a 450w PSU that is a few years old now. The PSU works fine and doesn't seem to smell when using onboard graphics or if running general video. Wondered if the not connecting both cables might be a caus of the PSU being oveloaded.
  3. yea the psu is trying to pump too much voltage thru one molex giving you that burning smell. try connecting two and load up skyrim
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