Freezing Screen with weird colors

i recently bought pc and i start having issue whre my screen freezes out of no where
this are my components

i5 3570k
Gigabyte GA-Z77x-D3H
Sapphire 7850 2gb ddr5
patriot 2x4gb 1600 1.5v
Kingston Hyper X SSD
Dell U2312 HM
cooler master 500w

nothing is overclocked and nothing overheats. i have done stability test in Aida 64 and nothing crashes. i searched for artifacts on graphic card and there are none.
sometimes when freezes i can hear music in backgrond(youtube, music player), players still working just screen has this weird color. sometimes everything dies, music in background too. to remove this screen i must restart pc most of the times. other times pc dont respond to restart either and i must shut it down. this happens in game and doing whaterver. most often it happens when am switching tabs in browser or when am turning off some stuff. also sometimes when this happens everything resets. anything i had to type my user name and password goes to defoult. and all settings in games go to default. for example my wow loggin informations are gone, my league of legends logging informations are gone... even log in informations for websites are gone like i never was logged to the sites(forum, emails..).
heres pics of the screen

also this starting screen when i turn on pc sometimes lasts for 1 sec, other times for 30 sec i think that i relevant too but am not sure is it

can anyone help me determing what is causing this issue? i bouth components at different places and i cant just bring them my pc to test it.
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  1. you can try testing your ram for errors using memtest iso
  2. hi
    it took me some time ut i did it and no errors were found
    can anyone tell me what do i do now?
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