Help With My New HD6670!!!

i bought HD6670 1GB DDR3 last week, and when i'm using it i can feel that there's something bottleneck the card

as i have 300W PSU
MSI K9AGM2 motherboard with PCIe x16 1.0

so, is the 300W PSU the problem that i can't get the maximum quality of the card and the best performance of it
and can i upgrade my RAM with my motherboard , and will it differ alot from DDR2 to DDR3 ??!
thank u in advance guys..
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  1. Hey,

    Whats your processor?
    The card itself is not a very high end card, in what games are you having issues with, and at what settings?

    Also upgrading to ddr3 ram won't help too much, it couldn't hurt to get another 2gb's of ram though.
  2. I think that the PCIe Slot is bottlenecking your card, as the card is compatible with PCIe 2.1 which is not backwards-compatible with a PCIe 1.0. The RAM and PSU are enough to hold the card, even though the card recommends 400W's of power supply, 300W or even 250W is enough to keep it good and strong. :)
  3. And also tell us your processor and the FPS (Frames per Second) you get in the games you play :)
  4. That is true, some pcie 2.1 cards don't play nice with 1.0 motherboards. In some cases a BIOS update of your motherboard could help, so I recommend you try flashing the latest BIOS for your motherboard.

    here is a good article that explains it:

    EDIT: Fixed link

    Hope this helps!
  5. Some of the BIOS updates for these motherboards improved the support for cards that are PCIE 2.1.
  6. Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed for that card.
  7. Thanks guys for your answer :)
    sorry i forget processor its AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.9GHz
    i want to upgrade my RAM i feel it could make a difference someway but what i'm asking that can my motherboard handle 4GB of DDR3 or DDR2 only ?!
    BTW i could play some of new games with 720P with no problem.
  8. your motherboard will handle DDR2 800 ram. You should run 2 - 2gig sticks ( 4gig total ) it will help. If you buy more ram buy it in pairs and discard what you have.

    Your machine is old and outdated. you'll need to turn down game settings and maybe lower the monitor resolution.

    List monitor and resolution, what operating system you have ( 32 or 64bit ) and what games are you trying to play ?
  9. my monitor is DELL SE198WFP at 1440x900 resolution i have 32-bit Windows 7 Professional and tried some games like Crysis 2 on high with 1024*720 resolution and
    NFS The Run on high :)
  10. your hardware just isn't beefy enough. lower settings maybe even try lowering resolution. do get more ram.
  11. I've got a 6670 DDR3 too. I only find framerates (40+) that are good when I'm gaming sub 1280X1024, so 1156X864 on Skyrim plays alright, an 1024X768 on Fallout 3.

    Try and see if you have AA for your games. The 6670 is awful with AA. Can halve your framerates from 0x-2x.
    AF as well; 8x AF reduces my framerates by 8-12fps in Skyrim.
  12. Unfortunately, your system is not very powerful, so your performance is normal, also note that you have 32bit windows, so going over 4gb of ram won't help as it won't be recognized in windows. However it won't make much of a difference, as your system in general is not very new. However if you bring back the settings a bit, and update all the drivers, etc. you should be able to squeeze out some more performance. With a 300watt psu overclocking isn't really recommended.
  13. even though that cpu is outdated his system can still handle a radeon 7750 without being bottlenecked
    its twice as powerful as 6670 ddr3 and consumes lesser power. so i suggest you upgrade to a 7750 gddr5
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