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I just installed a new Maxtor 40 GB,when I installed it I wanted to keep the original one in (just a 6 GB)because it has the operating system on it (Windows 98)and all I have is the master recovery CD and diskette that came with the computer when it was new which if I'm right will do me no good as far as installing on a new harddrive? When reading the instructions that came with the new Harddrive there is a section for Drive-to-Drive copying and it says to hook them both up as the master on there own cable, so I put the new one on the cable that the CD rom was hooked to making the CD rom the slave on that cable and the harddrive as the master and left the original harddrive as is,poped in the cd & diskette that came with the Maxtor went through the process of installation- partitioned it and formatted it, did the drive to drive transfer, at the end it came out working O.K. but the new harddrive only has 1 partition and as far as the drive to drive copy all I ended up with on the new harddrive was the MS DOS application,did I do something wrong or just expect tooooo much on the drive to drive transfer. I thought that I would have the OS on the new drive after the transfer,should I leave the new drive hooked up as is or should I put it as the slave on the original harddrives cable?
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  1. Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong.

    I have had better luck doing the copy this way with that software. I would leave the drives on the separate ribbon cables and just partition and format the new drive to start. Once you partition and format the drive then you will go into the Maxblast software that came with the drive and select Advanced options. Once you are there I would select Drive to Drive copy. This will do a file copy from one drive to the other. You will select the source and the destination partition and it should go through as usual.

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  2. I already did the Drive to Drive copy,maybe I'am expecting too much from this but I thought I would (maybe get the OS)on the new drive but all I got was the MS-DOS application and (I use a comp. alot)but I have no idea what to do with this.Is it possible on that drive to drive transfer to transfer- for example MS Money from from old drive to new drive? After I made the first post I did go back in and redo the partitions(have 2 this time, 1 for games and music and the other for whatever I noticed when I went from 1 to 2 partitions the cluster size went from 32 bytes to 16 bytes will this give me problems later on.I know some of these ?s might sound lame but I am just learning and all your help is good.
  3. I understand that you did the drive to drive copy, but there are two ways to do it. You can select it from advanced options or do it along with the partition and format process.

    I don't know why but I have had better luck doing it from advanced options instead of along with the partition and format.

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  4. Beings that all I got was the MS-DOS program on the first drive to drive transfer do you think that it didnt go through all the way or is that all(MS DOS program) that was suppose to show up on the new harddrive after the drive to drive transfer?This is my first harddrive addition to a computer if I was suppose to get more on the transfer I will go back and try again but if thats all that shows up after the transfer I wont try again.Thanks again for the help
  5. I'm not sure what the MSDOS program is. I would have to say that the transfer didn't go through. You may want to look at a Symantec or PowerQuest drive imaging program?

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  6. the best way is to run old drive as primary /master and new drive as primary /slave , that's if you want on same channel . so you can free up secondary channel for another cd-rom or etc.
  7. The drive to drive copy should copy everything from the source HD to the destination HD. You should then be able to boot from the new HD. Sounds like something went wrong...try doing it again. I believe on the Maxtor software the destination partition size must be equal to or larger than the source partition.

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  8. The only reason I put them both as primary master but on different cables was to do the drive to drive transfer (because the new drive didnt have an operating system on it)after the transfer was done I planned on changing them to (old drive-slave)---(new drive master)and running them off the same cable thus freeing up the slot later on for a CD burner but it sounds like the transfer did not go through the way it should have will I have any problems if I try the transfer again(and if it goes through will I be able to boot to the new drive? And have the operating system on it.
  9. but i thought you wanted to be able to use restore disk that came with system , then you need to keep original drive as master and new as slave
  10. This is to all of you that helped me through this well I finally got the new harddrive partitioned and formatted and yes even the drive to drive transfer completed-operating system and all, and you were right the transfer did go through better by formating and partitioning 1st then going through advance settings for the transfer, One thing I did do was take the old drive completly out,I figured why have 2 running when I had plenty of room on 1.Hopefuly by the time this 40 gig fills up the wife will see it in her heart to let me get a new computer. ha ha Again thanks to all of you that took the time to post me some info,it all helped.
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