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Hello, I have an 1800w Line Conditioner and am ready to add a UPS to the setup. PC's PSU is an Antec earthwatts 750w powering an old Q8200 quad and a GTX 460.
I only need battery backup for the PC so I don't lose unsaved information. I could care less if the TV / Amp shuts down in the event of a temp power loss.
What is the minimun VA / watt spec I can use.
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    I would only plug in your PC to the UPS so that it keeps the load down. I run an APC SmartUPS 750VA on my system. It keeps it up for maybe 10-15 minutes or so (old batteries), but I have it set to shut down if the power is out for more than 5 minutes. If I am in game, it won't hold it very long at all.

    APC does have a selector to help your choose. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it might help.

    The big thing is, in game with my old GTX580 I would cause the UPS to blink and if I overclocked it to much it would go into over volt mode. With my GTX680 I am fine, but it is something like 85-90% load in game. I don't believe I've lost power yet in game so I don't know, but with the 580 it just shut down. So a 500W 750VA is probably where you want to be, but they aren't cheap. I got mine for free, but had to get batteries for it. The only bad thing about my setup is the LCD is not plugged in so I can't see what is going on during a shutdown. I have it mainly for power flickers.
  2. Thanks jay2tall BTW.

    Turns out my PSU (Antec EA-750) has a max draw of 170w.

    To me that says I can use this
    (850va/425 watts 8 mins full load) since all I want to do is combat a 10 second power flicker. (I have a roommate that can't flip only one breaker the one or two times a year that one clips.)

    Now the question becomes one of wiring. I only use one outlet on the wall plug, it's an old 2 prong with a wired ground and is the only outlet in that room I can use for my rig. It should go wall-> line conditioner with amp and tele-> UPS-> PC and alarm clock for obvious reasons, right?
  3. Yeah i wouldn't put much on the UPS besides the PC if you can help it. I totally get the alarm clock. Mine was blinking 12 something this morning and I always replace the 9v. I swear it never works. That is why I set my cell phone alarm as well. Besides I am a sleeping bear and need 3 alarms.
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