FLASH through HD7850 HDMI multimonitor

I cannot get genuine full screen through HDMI.

Setup :

W7 x64
HD7850 with up to date drivers
3 x Dell 2007FP portrait for desktop. I used eyefinity for gaming for a while but resetting to desktop took time setting it back up every and each time so I stopped that.
1 x LG 50" plasma for video

Full screen youtube on 50" = 22" effective. Rest (approx 6/7) is just black frame.

Known solutions? Would nvidia chip perform better for my needs?
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  1. Is it set to the right resolution in windows? And all over-/underscan set to 0 in ccc?
  2. Thank You for swift response :) I have no idea where those settings are located in ccc. I could not find them with help of 2 mins of google. Silly me :o

    1360 x 768 Resolution is pixel-spot-on checking from desktop point of view. Possibly useful information related : VideoLAN player has not had a problem playing full screen. I've run material packed with several codecs. Flash works with true full screen when all 2007FPs are physically disconnected (2x via active adapter and one straight DVI) from 7850 leaving LG telly only display connected (via HDMI).
  3. Could this be browser related? I have to check out that too. FF15.0. With the prob living couple of generations of updates through.
  4. Make sure the aspect ratio is correct on your TV as well (Fill, Just, H-Fill, Zoom, etc..).
  5. Telly works fine as desktop and playing video with VLC. Switching between 16:9 <=> 4:3 does as it usually does.
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