I am Having Trouble with Dell Inspiron Laptop

i want to change the language of my dell inspiron laptop, from spanish to english..... all the programs i have changed....i am refering to the start menu and icons. also the keyboard types the wrong symbols.
and i need things to be explained in newbie terms. :)
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  1. To install a different language - Multilingual User Interface (MUI) - you need to have Windows 7 Ultimate.
    ?tener dinero?
  2. is it free?
  3. What operating system do you have?
  4. windows 7
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    Then you'll either need to buy the english version of Home premium or Pro or upgrade to Ultimate to be able to switch to a different language. the home versions and professional version are tied to one language, only ultimate supports switching languages.
  6. can i get it online?
  7. okay iot the upgrade to Ultimate...................... now what should i do?
  9. okay, thank you i have changed the language but now i need to fix the keyboard.
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