Upgrade options for older C2D based system

Greetings TH Comrades:

Usually, I'm pretty good with system and upgrade designs, but I admit to being at a crossroads with this one. I wish to upgrade the system I currently have, I will be building a new computer in May, however this system will be retired to lighter duties (See htpc / kid's computer).

This is what I have (Everything except Video; SSD and BD-R is at least 4 years old) :

CPU: C2D E8400 @3.2 GHz (OC from 3 GHz)
M/B: Gigabyte EP43-DS3R
RAM: 4 GB DDR2-6400 (Mushkin)
Video: Saphire 6670 1GB (GDDR5)
SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 60GB
HDD: Samsung 1TB
Optical: LG BD-R
PSU: Enermax Liberty ELT400AWT (400W)
Case: Antec P180
Monitor: BenQ GW2750 (27" 1920*1080)

I have $330 for upgrades, and am looking for best bang for buck as well as life extension (What would YOU upgrade).

Currently I play: Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3; Planetside 2; The Sims 3; GTA IV and Skyrim.
Preferred sites: www.memoryexpress.com (Local, so shipping not required); www.newegg.ca (No need to factor in shipping).
To be assembled in about a week in Calgary, Alberta

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!!

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