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I have a HD 7850 and a Asus maximus Gene V MB , When i use the onboard graphics the boot up screen is fine but when i boot up using the HD 7850 the screen is off centre and hard to read properly in BIO,s . Is there anything that can be done ? My panasonic TV is saying the HD 7850 is outputing 1080P @ 50hz via HDMI on boot up which my screen dosnt like by the looks of it, id prefer the GPU to boot up at 640x480 or something more basic

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  1. Have the same hardware and same problem. Any solution?
  2. You can set the Display of your Screen through your TV.
    Set the Resolution of your TV according to your Needs.

    You can later adjust them.

    Or just Boot up and then Set the GPU to 640x480.
  3. I'm also having this issue, did anyone find a solution?... Can't change the settings on my TV or find and option in BIOS to change so wondering if there is something on the Gfx firmware I can set?
  4. Na , just lived with it in the end :(
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