Help! I am a NOOB!

I have a Dell Dimension E520 and I am hoping I can keep that case to build my PC in. I was hoping to buy this motherboard and this CPU and was hoping it would fit in my computer. Will it?

Also will I need to get a new power supply?
And will all this stuff fit in my computer case? My budget is $300, will I need anything else?
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  1. Your old dell case is btx, so the answer is no. Any newer atx or micro atx boards won't work in the dell case. Here's some suggestions: ($300 after rebate)

    This is a basic combo package; the price is good for the rest of the day. It has everything you will need except a windows operating system. You'll need a new windows coa for any non dell board if you're still using your original dell windows installation. It's a pretty good deal at 21% off. Think about it and use it if you can. It's not the best, but with your budget, you can't be too choosy. Newegg changes their shellshocker specials every day. Here's one video on building your own system; there's many more available out there. You should also download the motherboard manual and read it before ordering.
  2. What kind of motherboards are compatible with my case? I was hoping to maybe just buy a processor and motherboard for less than $200
  3. Ramasoma said:
    What kind of motherboards are compatible with my case? I was hoping to maybe just buy a processor and motherboard for less than $200
    There are NO motherboards available which use the BTX form factor anymore, at least none that you would want.

    Check for BTX and you will not find any.
    I'm afraid you will have to ditch that case and get another one. Cases can be cheap though.


  4. So there is not BTX motherboard in existence that has LGA 1155? Not even on EBay?
  5. LGA 1155 motherboards have the ports on the right side. Your dell motherboard has the ports on the left, so the case is the same. You would have to take a dremel tool and cut out the back of the case for a board to fit. It's much easier to spend the money on a new micro-atx or atx case. The problem is that the motherboard makers don't make any BTX style motherboards anymore. This format was abandoned maybe five years ago. It's a dead end. You want a new modern motherboard with the latest devices, then get a new case. Sell your dell system intact and start over. The newegg shellshocker specials are great deals for low budget systems if you can order from them.
  6. Oh yeah, I already have a 500GB hard drive, disk drives, and I was going to buy this video card.
    Will there be anything else I need?
  7. Good choices so far. Add some ram such as this: (check newegg; link broken) The power supply on that raidmax case is marginal, so don't load it down with a high end video card. It's just adequate for what you have now with onboard video or a low to mid range video card.
  8. Will I need a heatsink for my processor? Or more fans for my case? Also is there any difference between 2 4GB Memory modules vs. 1 8GB Memory module? And do you reccomended I get that video card?
  9. No to the heatsink; use the stock Intel heatsink, which is what I use. No to extra case fans. With your budget, use the money for something else. Decide how much total ram you need now. I use 2x4 gb sticks for a total of 8 gb, which is plenty unless you do alot of heavy video downloads. Yes to the video card; it's affordable, better than the Intel hd2000 onboard graphics.
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