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Im not buying a new GPU yet, but im just very curious.

GTX690 (any version) vs PowerColor Radeon HD 7990 6GB DEVIL 13.

I read a bit about the 7990 card and i thought it would beat the Sh** out of any card available atm, but the site i usually buy my components from is getting a 7990 card in stock in about 2 weeks and the price match the GTX690 cards (exept for EVGA's Hydro Copper Signature wich is about $300 more than the 7990).
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  1. The 7990 is, IIRC, the same/ever so slightly better than the GTX690, but uses much more energy. Can't remember how much, though I want to say double the wattage.
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    ^I think you're right... judging from everything that I've heard/read, the 7990 is just a hair faster than the GTX690, but sucks quite a bit more energy and is quite a bit less efficient. I don't think it's double the wattage, but it's a significant amount.

    If power usage and efficiency aren't issues for you, then the 7990 is marginally faster; if they are, though, the 690 is a better choice.

    Found it. Read that entire article and you can draw your own conclusions. :) The '7990' has a very slight performance edge, but the 690 is a more well-rounded card better in basically all other areas (noise, efficiency).
  3. It's also hellaciously noisy - Tom's did a review on this, and even though the "7990" was ever so slightly faster, they preferred the 690 for the smoothness, efficiency, and noise factors.
  4. I must have read wrong then. Ah well, thanks for the input. If i get curious about something i get stuck on it and can't get it out of my head.
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