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Sapphire HD6670. Are the temperatures acceptable?

I recently bought a Sapphire Radeon HD6670 1gb Hyper memory. I am playing Batman Arkham Asylum at 1600x900 maxed out.
After playing for a while, i felt my cabinet hot. I checked the temp. It came out to be around 70c. Idle temp is around 40c. Are these temperatures normal? Would putting a cabinet fan make any significant improvement?
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  1. Those idle and load temperatures are quite normal for a reference design Radeon HD 6670.

    What is your room temperature and what is the Sapphire model number?

    Are you overclocking the graphics card?
  2. You checked case temperature or card temperature?
    Do you currently have any intake/ventilation fans in the case?
  3. thanks for the reply

    my room temperature is ~25c.
    What is "model no."? my card is Sapphire ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB (Hyper memory edition). It's specs are not given on sapphire website. Here is the link for video review of this card

    No, i am not overclocking this card.

    I checked the card temperature using HWmonitor.
    I dont have additional fans in the case. there are default 3 fans (1 for cpu, 1 for gpu and 1 in psu)
  4. The temperatures are perfectly normal.
  5. thanks ko888 and sunius

    i previously had powercolour radeon hd 4350 (yeah it was crap). It didnt have a fan, but its temperatures were ~50c normal and ~75-80c under load. When i played with that card, my cabinet casing never got heated up. But with this card (it has fan) whole of the casing is getting heated up under the load.

    why is it happening? is it due to that single fan on gfx?
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    Your case is warm because all of the hot air coming from your components is getting blown into the case but not blown out of it. The CPU, PSU, and GPU fans all keep their respective components cool by (usually) blowing the heat away from them into the case. If you do not have any case fans, then that hot air is just getting trapped and the more and longer it is trapped, the hotter your case and your components are going to get.
  7. okay..i guess i will spend a few more bucks on a good cabinet fan which should solve the problem.
    Thanks everybody for replying. That was really helpful..
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