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Hello, i'm looking for a monitor that will play both my PC and XBOX 360 games. I would like a 24 inch screen(23.6 inch is fine), 1920x1080 resolution, and a low enough response time so there is no ghosting. The two brands I have been considering are ASUS and Samsung. I am open to any other brands and recommendations.

I have a GTX 680 and an i7 2600k if this helps any.

My budget I have to work with is $200. I would like to keep the cost below or at $200 but slightly over is fine.

Are these good monitors worth purchasing? If so which would be best?

ASUS 24 inch:

Found this 23.6 inch Samsung at my local Costco but couldn't find an equivalent on Newegg:

Any monitor recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time!
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  1. Are BenQ's quality monitors? This one looks very appealing.
  2. A good monitor for gaming would be a 2ms, and monitors that are above 60hz. The Asus one would be perfect for your needs.
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