Diffrent Grafiphics card

Hey guys im having a problem with my new computer.
I bought him today at the local store and now i have some problems with programs and Graphics card
I was looking on Canyourunit if my comp could run some games. So there it says my comuter has a Intel HD 4000 Graphics card, i tought this is fake so i went to the Run -> dxdiag. and indeed is says that i have the intel 4000. I bought him as a notebook for gaming. On the site of the store it says i have a AMD radeon HD 7670m and i checked it on the internet and indeed is is a AMD, so i thought it was about the driver cuz i didnt have one installed yet. So i went to the AMD site and downloaded the driver finder thing. And i let him install the driver. While installing i've got an error that ist says that its unpossible to install the driver. It says: AMD Cataclyst Mobility kan not be downloaded because ur computer concludes incombatible hardware/software, The version of ur Graphical adapter is not supported. Please contact the producer of ur laptop to update ur graphical driver. Stats Below

Please help me!!!

HP pavilion g7 2005sd
3rd gen ivy bridge i7 quad core
6gb Ram
HD 7670m 2gb graphics card
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  1. Thnx already done it didnt help i think. But thnx, can u manuelly change witch Graphics card he use?
  2. Thnx alot bro this fixed the problem
  3. No problem, mate.
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