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I have a dual monitor setup, my primary monitor is an HP 2009m and I have it connected via DVI, my secondary monitor is an old Compaq W17q connected via VGA cable, I have been using an Nvidia GTS 250. My setup has been working fine until 5 days ago, I turned on my computer and booted into windows 7, my secondary monitor now has a green tint to it. I restarted and booted into Ubuntu, my second monitor is perfectly fine in Ubuntu. It is still bad in Win7 though, the cables are in securely and I've updated and re-installed the correct Nvidia drivers. When I reduced the resolution to 800x600 on the secondary monitor the color was correct again, but switching back it still had the green hue. Does anyone have any ideas?

Windows 7 32bit, Ubuntu 12.10 64bit
AMD Athlon II x4 640 3GHz
Nvidia GTS 250
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  1. First guess... I would say your VGA cable has a bent pin. Check. If not it may be better to try a new VGA cable. Borrow one.
  2. Checked the cable, no bent pins, tried a different cable, still green hue, thanks for the tip though! I suspect it's a driver issue, the monitor is good during the windows loading screen and only goes bad once it hits the login screen.
  3. A couple days later I restarted and both screens went completely blank after logging into windows 7, I reinstalled Win7 but still had the same problem. If I unplug the second (older) monitor the first one works fine, which leads me to believe it's my video card that is malfunctioning, either a hardware problem, or a driver error. The monitor works fine on other computers. I suspect it's hardware because the drivers were working fine before, my temporary solution is to unplug my secondary monitor while using win7 and plug it back in for Ubuntu. I'll have to test out the video card with another monitor sometime.
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