PC turns on and off repeatably.

First off here are my specs. I got it from iBuyPower just about 2 years ago:

Intel Core™ i7 950 Processor (4x 3.06GHz/8MB L3 Cache)
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R w/ 4x PCI-E 2.0 x16
6 GB RAM [2 GB X3] DDR3-1600
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 - 1.5GB
Thermaltake TR2 TRX-750M

Alright, so the problem started when my PC started making very odd noises, kind of a rattling and a spurting. Turns out it was my liquid CPU cooler, there was water coming out of the bottom of the case. I opened it up and checked for water damage, but the water luckily only seemed to be on the case itself.

An experienced friend helped me replace the cooler with a regular fan (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus), and everything seemed to go pretty well. We turned it on and it booted fine, and got to the desktop. The temperatures were great, however the screen resolution was wrong and I couldn't set it to higher than 1024x768, as well everything was choppy. Basically it was acting like it didn't have video drivers, even though I did before this whole ordeal.

So I restarted it, and that is when it just turned on and off repeatedly until I hit the power switch on the back.
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  1. This sounds really suspicious. As you stated, you already had the video drivers and such. It could really be any number of things. I would say first you should go about checking your PSU, while there most likely won't be any obvious damage, try seeing if you or your experienced friend could switch out the PSU just for troubleshooting with another PSU and seeing if it stills persist.

    It could also be a faulty Motherboard/Video Card. But as you said, everything was really Choppy, meaning your installation of windows was most likely running the default windows VGA driver that is completely software emulated.

    It's really hard to pin this on anything without being there in person or more information.

    It could be that your water cooling caused some kind of damage to your motherboard without yourself realizing and could've corroded some capacitors or what not.

    Also lastly, check to make sure all the wiring is right inside your computer. Re-seat everything and then see how everything is.

    Your pretty much going to have to troubleshoot your entire PC until you find the culprit.
  2. I should have lurked the site some more. I tried out the solution for boot loops from this post:
    And it worked like a charm. Thank you for the help anyway!
  3. Ugh, scratch that. Everything was working fine until the PC inexplicably shut itself off, and went into a boot loop. So I powered it down and did those same steps again, and now when I turn it on there is no display. It's not doing a boot loop anymore though.
  4. This could still be a number of things, I still think it's the PSU, but it could be a faulty motherboard, or faulty VGA( Likely at this point). Did you try switching the VGA/DVI Port to the port on your motherboard If so, did you try reseating the cables? If your not getting any video though you might want to try resetting your motherboard, which can be done by removing the CMOS battery(The watch battery on your motherboard) and leaving your computer powered down for a good 15 minutes or so while UNPLUGGED.

    If none of these remedy your solution I'm still going to chalk it up to a faulty PSU or Motherboard, but with no signal it's hard to tell, it does mean your computer isn't getting to the point wear the display comes on obviously.

    Also do you have any kind of P.O.S.T. on your Computer, i.e. a little beep that you hear when you turn your pc on? If I remember correctly, most Gigabyte boards have this feature built. At least I did on my last Am2+/AM3 Gigabyte Motherboard.
  5. your description is kind of vague like worthrinz said it could be a number of things i think the water cooler had damaged some of you components. try to take out the graphic card and see it it works without it. swap another psu in and see. that is how you going to know what was damaged and what was not. i would start with the graphics card.
  6. Alright, still having the problem. I swapped out the graphics card and the problem persisted. I do not have another PSU to test, so I may be buying one as that seems like a good culprit.
    Worthinz, I do not hear any beeps. I've also tried removing all the RAM and booting and there are still no beeps.
  7. I have installed a new PSU, and there are still no changes. Everything powers up fine, but I still get no display.
    So looks like it has to be my mobo then?
  8. Levaunt said:
    I have installed a new PSU, and there are still no changes. Everything powers up fine, but I still get no display.
    So looks like it has to be my mobo then?

    Yup I'm afraid so mate, sorry to hear that it wasn't the PSU. That was probably some money wasted their to... After hearing what you've done and what has happened, I'm going to say it is 99% the Mobo, so good luck with picking out a new one. If you need any help with that or don't know where to start just ask ;)
  9. It wasn't a complete waste of money because my old PSU was only 750W, I upgraded to a 1200W so I can SLI at some point.

    I am having trouble finding a mobo that works for my setup, and is still for sale. I guess 1366 socket is old news now, and they don't make them anymore.
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