Upgrade from 560ti

What Would be a good gpu that can replace my 560ti that is under 300 $. I will be buying this on black friday.

Either amd or nvidia

I was think of going with a 7950 or a 660ti. Which is better. I had heard the 660ti had some problems with memory bandwidth.

If i got the 7950 i will be overclocking it.
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  1. Your GTX560ti is already a very good card.
    You need to jump a couple of tiers in capability, or you may be disappointed if you do not see a big improvement.
    See if you can't find a GTX670 or 7950 on sale at your price point.
    You can sell the GTX560ti to recoup some funds.

    The GTX660ti is a notch below depending on the game. But, I would not put much import on bandwidth spec issues, or any others for that matter.
    Engineers balance the specs to achieve a desired price/performance level. How they do it is of no great importance to us amateurs.

    If it helps, look at the last page of this report for an approximate ranking by tiers of graphics cards:
    Check prices, since they will have changed.
  2. Honestly, having a 560Ti/2500K combo right now myself, I don't see much of a dramatic upgrade for you in the <$300 range. I wouldn't consider upgrading mine for less than a GTX 670/7970. (maybe a good deal on a factory-OC'd 7950)

    The 660Ti is designed for 1080p and below... its memory bandiwdth seems plenty for that purpose.

    As long as you game at 1080p or below, the 560Ti does quite well.
    Sure, a 660Ti would be faster... but is it $300 faster?
    Not in my humble opinion. (in the games I play)
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