D-Link DIR-655 vs DIR-815




They look the same spec wise. Any actual difference? My main priority is range and speed, followed by reliability (router doesn't require resetting too often), lastly I do like the advantages of having HD streamed through through a different frequency but not at the cost of the other two functions being as effective as can be.

(side note: The interface on this forum is pretty frustrating. Also why is noscript blocking like a dozen sites? You guys need to fix this forum a bit before the user-base decides to go elsewhere. What on earth are all the sites doing active while I visit this forum? The vast majority of them are not ads...)
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  1. the 655 has 10/100/1000 WAN/LAN and only 2.4GHz wireless

    the 815 has only 10/100 WAN/LAN but has 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless
  2. @ Emerald: Okay, thanks. I'm a bit ignorant here; I know 1000 WAN/LAN can transfer more megabits but are there any other advantages besides that? I have a 50 megabit connection.

    Also guys, another couple things I wanted to know about is which router tends to be more reliable. That is less resets and random disconnects. As well, I noticed there's a third antenna on the 655 and the descriptions boasts better range than compareable models... is that true?
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