Is my power supply enough?


I just bought a prepackaged kit from However, when I put it all together, it would turn on and then nothing would happen. I removed the Hard Drive and then it would go directly into a bios setup menu. To see if the hd was bad I tried another working hd from an old laptop, and it didn't work either. I also tried the hd in all the different sata slots and the same thing. I can however get it to boot from the USB and be usable without an hd, but sometimes that doesn't either. Does anyone know what is wrong? Here are the products in the system:

RAM: G.SKILL F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT (2 4GB Sticks)
Motherboard: BIOSTAR|A68 A68I-350 DELUXE
HD: 1 TB Seagate Barracuda 7200
Case: ISTARUSA S21-20F2 Mini-ITX with 200 Watt Power supply

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  1. One other thing...
    The power light blinks continually when I use it with an HD.
  2. 200 watts is enough for computer made in 2002, but not now, thats your problem.
  3. I lots of 250 watts power supplies for sale, but is that enough even or should I go up to 350 watts. This computer will only be used as a home server. So no video card will ever be added, but I likely will add a 2nd hard drive.
  4. 400 watts is good for now and a while, but I say a 500 watt PSU is safe.
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