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Zotac GTX 570 AMP2 vs HD 7850

I'm building my first computer, and amazon has a deal for 50% off the Zotac GTX 570 AMP2 edition. I was before going to get a HD 7850 for $180, and get a 8xxx/7xx next year. I was wondering if the 570 is a better deal? My specs are going to be:

i5 3570k'
212 Evo
8gb DDR3 1600
Corsair 750w

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  3. hafijur said:
    The 7850 takes less then half as much electricity and is on par generally with a gtx 570. I would defo go with the 7850 anyday of the weak. Instead of having a power station sound, you will have a cool running stress on your psu gpu running and future proofing your computer. Nice efficient system with a 7850.

    I am getting a Corsair 750w, because I want to be future proof for all the upcoming things. Power isn't a big deal to me. Thanks tho!
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