Nvidia quadro 4000 questions please

Thanks for looking. I am putting together a build on an asrock z77 platform. The quadro's instruction DVD is really bad. If you know of a good video for install that would be slick and appreciated. (Nobody's computer builds go over cables, they are all about bolting the parts together)
I am referring to a few things like the power source. It requires a dual power source or plugs. I have a seasonic modular 750watt gold PSU. The cables look different then the molex plug it came with for one.
Another thing is the stereo bracket. (whats the deal with that?) It mentioned I would use this if I was using Blu-ray. I am installing a Blu-ray player/dvd burner... Do I need this? Or is that for production type stuff? There is a many pinned plug in the back is that a Dinn or Sata plug that is supposed to be plugged into something or is that for Crossfire/SLX whatever it is?
Thanks in advance for your help on those 3 questions.
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  1. I also noticed that there are molex plugs, I can daisy chain together using the accessory cables of the Seasonic. Yet, they seem to draw from one powerpoint and does not seem to provide a dual lane of power as the stock cable provided would do. If the seasonic supported molex and if I were to plug that 2 into one pigtail provided by Nvidia. UNLESS that Seasonic, since it is on a 'pull' system only needs me to plug one 6 pin into my nvidia card and if the card wants more power it will allow the draw?
  2. SOLVED 1/2 of it anyways. Power cord for nvidia quadro 4000. PCI-E into two 4pin molex plugs. If you are using a PCI-E power source like Seasonic 750w gold. You do not need to use the two into one pci to molex y cord. Using the PCI-E 12 pin into 6 or 6+2 will suffice enough power as a 'dual' power source for your graphics card. Per Seasonic and Nvidia. Phone support. Hope this helps you get back to wiring up your computer.
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