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Incredibly Strange Monitor Configuration and Display Issue

November 19, 2012 10:19:05 PM


3 x 1280x1042 Dell Monitors
EVGA Gtx 670 FTW Edition

When I booted this morning, i was greeted by a screen on my [old] dell monitor that says "Cannot Display This vodeo Mode: Optimum Resolution 1280x1024". Note that the "starting windows" displayed just fine.

So i boot into safe mode no problem and after some more messing aroudn and restarting, I end up in safe mode again and uninstally my drivers.

Restart, boot into windows just fine (aside from the 800x600 res)

I re-install my drivers (301.42) (Custom Options > Clean Install).

Restart with one monitor pluged into the main DVI, windows starting splash screen is ok, monitor goes black and displays the error I gave above. I hear the windows sound, everything behind the scenes is running just like it should.

After a lot of messing around, I learn that if I plug in my TV VIA HDMI, It displays just fine, then if I plug in a monitor it will SOMETIMES show up on both. Otherwise, it will turn both screens of and display the error on the dell monitor while the TV says "searching for signal". So I reseated my RAM and Graphics card, booted it back up with the same problems and managed to catch it so that it's displaying on one of my monitors and my TV but I unplug the TV it will mess it all up again.

If i disconnect it in windows though, I've had that work for me just fine. I got the 2nd monitor all hooked up once before but when I went to plug in my 3rd one, i got the same error.

What in the world is going on! I don't feel like my card is broken, I feel like it's a strange driver registry key that still exists that's trying to force the monitors into a 3 monitor resolution while Surround is turned off, which it is now.

Also, last thing that happened last night was windows installed an Nvidia update which I can't seem to find to remove, so i just removed the update under the regular "uninstall programs" menu.

Sorry for the wall of text, any ideas?

EDIT: Despite hearing bad things, I ran Driver sweeper and installed it. I've come to the conclusion that my GPU isn't shot but my monitors may be messed up. Which considering their origins (Factory Floor), i can believe it.