Bad quality DVD video.

Alright, this is my first time posting here, so don't let me down!! :D
Anyway, I'm running Windows ME [yeah I know, shut up] and have an nVidia GeForce 2 GTS 32mb. My DVD player, as close as I can tell, is a _NEC DV-5800A. I've used both Intervideo WinDVD and iPlayer.
So, as you have probably already guessed, I am having a little trouble getting DVDs I play to not look like ass. Whenever there is an excess of movement on screen, the picture seems to... i dunno, I guess digitize. Horizontal lines go across the picture, just for an instant, making it look REALLY bad. This will havppen roughly every two seconds. The second problem is that the picture seems to... twitch. The whole thing will just kind of move a millimeter in any direction, and then back super fast.
I've already asked for some help with this, so I've already updated the drivers for my GeForce, was unable to find any for my DVD player, have adjusted my monitor's screen resolution, it's refresh rate... I'm stuck.
Can anyone help me with this???
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  1. Question is dvd 16x. Need more Comp spec's speed of processor,memory, etc. You also need to check resources if falling below 80% its a good guess that you have other programs running subduded. those dvd players are ok i would check computer first!
  2. I don't think the problem has anything to do with your DVD player because a 1x dvd should play a movie fine. Is your dvd set up for dma? Dma will speed stuff up a bunch. Do you have a regular monitor or an lcd? I get horizontal / diagonal lines during fast paced sceen changes on both laptops I have access to but this does not happen on either of my home systems Your video card should be fast enough, how fast is your CPU? Software dvd players need at least a 400MHz CPU. Win Me may be running (a lot) of extra stuff in the back causing most of your problems. Do a selective start and shut down anything you don't need running esp DrWatson. Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information/Software/running tasks to view tasks. Disable them in System Information under Tools (I think) and start up files (or something like that).

    When the picture seems to "digitize" something is not keeping up. This can be a limitation of the MPEG2 system and can never be totally eliminated. The errors are more noticable on a high res monitor then on a tv. A 17" monitor is roughly twice as big visually at a normal viewing distance at a desk then a 32" tv is at a normal viewing distance from a couch. DVDs are usually very good quality and these blocks should only be visiable during very high action and only very briefly ( like if you are not looking for them you will not see them). If the "digitize" effect is noticable you have a problem.

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