Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra go equivalent

After coming to terms with the facts that my geforce go ultra 6800 in my laptop has died, I have some questions about equivalents.

I have been told that because its so old, there will not be an equivalent replacement (i.e. one that will actually fit in the dell inspiron 9300) available on the market, unless I look for used.

Just wondering if this is true and if anyone can suggest an equivalent that will fit into my laptop and is reasonably priced. Thanks.
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  1. Being such an old card I'd go as far as guessing you'd likely need a full motherboard replacement. Most laptops, even newer ones, don't have a seperate GPU from the mobo - they are integrated into one PCB.
  2. There is no point. If the gpu is actually dead it's time to.but a.new laptop
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