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I have 2 amd 6950`s in crossfire with a gigabyte z77x th mobo with a 3770k proc. I would like to go to a single video card ...Which one would beat the specs of the crossfire?
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  1. and hd 7970 or gtx 680, but why are u upgrading to have the same performance??
  2. +1 for a 7970. I would go for a Sapphire 7970 if it were me. As above since you already have a Crossfire 6950 setup I would not really upgrade with the current line up from AMD or Nvidia. That will/might change with the AMD 8xxx and Nvidia 7xx lineup but for now I would not do it you really would not be benefiting from a whole lot going to the 7xxx or 6xx cards. Unless you are having problems with the Crossfire setup itself where you need to only use one card in that case you would benefit from a 7950/7970.
  3. +1 7970..

    or if you have enough money to burn, then go to 7990 from power color or club3d... :D
  4. Have a feeling that dual 6950's would be better or at least match a single 7970Ghz. Wouldnt bother upgrading until the HD8000 or GTX700 series, unless you can get something like the 690 or 7990.
  5. Thank you gents..I will stick with the 6950`s
  6. good choice
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