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Hello everyone,

I wish to build a new PC from scratch but I am currently on a very tight budget.

I was offered a pretty good deal for a Radeon HD6870 a while ago, brand new, cheaper than a 6850 in the market. The retailer is trying to clear stocks. So I have decided to take up the offer. Now, the headache part is, what CPU should I pair it with?

I'm currently looking at i3 3220. Would that be sufficient to run the following games? Or do I have to push my budget further to an i5?

- Crysis 1 / 2 / 3 (maybe in the future)
- Metro 2033
- Darksiders 2
- Civilization 5
- Total War: Shogun
- Batman Arkham City
- Dead Island 2

I don't demand the best graphics, all I want is smooth game play. I'm okay with medium to high settings at 1080p.
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  1. What's your budget? How much are you willing to spend total??
  2. Well, since I am not living in the US, it's rather hard to give you an exact budget. That's why I asked if i3 3220 would be sufficient. In my country, prices are often jacked up a lot compared to US prices. If i3 is sufficient for the above mentioned games, then I'd stick with it. Otherwiese, I'll try to squeeze an i5 into my budget.

    Also, I won't be overclocking.
  3. with the card you have, it would be better partnered with i3 3220. but ofcourse, i5 would be better, an i5 3470 to be exact. My problem in that case would be you'll have a great cpu but bottlenecked gpu. But if your planning to upgrade that gpu in the future, might as well go with an i5, 3470 for budget i5, because 3570 cost alot more but performs nearly the same. But if your not planning to upgrade then might as well go with the i3 to save some cash.
  4. Hey admbautista, thanks for your input. Actually, I'm building this rig for my brother, who will be moving to the States later this year (around August) to further his studies. The rig will then be given to another younger brother, who only plays Dota 2, CS:GO and HON most of the time.
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    If that's the case, the i3 would be better, since no hardcore stuffs will be running. you will also save cash instead of buying an upgrade cpu but not maximizing its potential.
  6. That's nice to hear. Thanks.
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