Have a Radeon 5870 - looking for geforce upgrade...


Will a gtx660 outperform it enough to warrent the upgrade or am i way off? what else should i be looking at? value oriented choice pls as this is not a new overall system.
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  1. an hd 7870 will beat the gtx 660 and is found around the same price.
  2. If it's the 1gb 5870 then I understand your limitations. I'd say only if you are hitting a vram bottleneck and must have nvidia and can't afford more than a 660, then it would be worthwhile to get a 660. Otherwise, like dheeraj said above, the 7870 is a great card. If you want nvidia then I'd look for a 660ti or preferably a 670 to make it more worthwhile.
  3. thank very much guys.
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