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New graphics card won't work please help

I just got a HIS Cooler 7770 card for my pc as well as a 450 antec vp Power supply. I installed the latest driver but can't get the video card to work. I tried uninstalling the integrated graphics card, but didn't do anything.
i tried changing setting on monitor, but didn't help.

My stock info: Intel HD Graphics
current display: 1920 x 1080 32 bit (60hz)
monitor HP 2511 series wide lcd monitor
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  1. also, seems like my pc is running alot harder/slower than before. Does unplugging the monitor plug from the integrated vga port and plugging it to my new video card vga port back and forth while pc still running affect the hardware in a negative way? cpu usage is unusually high and maybe b/c i've been tinkering with the insides too much and accidently restarting/shutting pc off abruptly, trying to figure which setting will fix/enable the new video card i bought.
  2. it sounds as if my pc is loading alot of things while i only have one browser up. it used to be quiet but it's making the "loading" sounds not fan noise when i'm doing absolutely nothing.
  3. Have you tried changing the video setup in the bios, also does the fan spin on the gpu?
  4. Did you plug the monitor into the new graphics card instead of the motherboard?

    Did you connect the auxiliary 6-pin power connector from the new power supply unit DIRECTLY into the graphics card?

    Does the fan on the card spin up?
  5. just looked in pc, video card fan not moving. i didn't think i would have to go into bios to change video setup. how would i do that and what do i change?
  6. yes, i did plug monitor into new graphics card, but monitor stayed black. oh shoot, I didn't know there was a 6pin power connector.

    I will look for this.
  7. where would i plug a 6 pin into the video card? i don't see a slot anywhere on the card
  8. okay, thanks. i still can't tell for sure if fan of video card is working. i put my hand below the tight spot, and can't feel a breeze, but it does "sound" like it's working. The resolution got bigger and a bit blurrier. what would be the best resolution? i looked at device manager and see Standard VGA Graphics Adapter as the name. i'm going to bed now, but will be back tomorrow morning.

    thanks guys for getting me this far. really appreciate it
  9. After you got to blurry resolution phase, you need to download drivers for your card from and install them. It will detect the correct resolution and the picture will start looking good.
  10. i went to his digital site and downloaded the latest drivers before i inserted graphics card onto motherboard.

    was i supposed to use that link?

    k gotta go to bed
  11. oh and i can't put my pc to sleep anymore for some reason
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    You'll have to install the drivers with the card inside and running in your PC from the site I linked first.
  13. thanks alot guys. it works. reliable people here
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