I don't think my pc is recognizing my gpu.

Hey guys, I just did the benchmark test on sleeping dogs and it said i was getting a max of 19 fps and a minimum of 8 and at the bottom of the test it says intel graphics 4000 when i am using a sapphire 7950 3gb also tried playing hitman absolution i was getting even worse fps also some weird light flickering effect.

I have my monitor plugged into my motherboard with a dvi cable because i don't have an hdmi to dvi adapter.

how do I see if my pc is recognizing my gpu? i uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled them already.

Specs: i5 3570k sapphire 7950 630w psu 8gb ram asrock z77 pro4.
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  1. In order to use the 7950 your monitor will HAVE to be plugged into the 7950 there is no way around that. Every 7950 I have seen has had at least one DVI port onboard so I am confused as to why you would need a HDMI to DVI adapter to use the dedicated GPU? As long as it is connected that way you will always use the intel graphics 4000.
  2. I ment to type vga not dvi sorry. i can only use my gpu if i plug my pc into my hdtv.

    Anyone know where i can buy a vga to hdmi adpter?
  3. VGA to HDMI is useless, as the only difference between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI transfers audio as well, otherwise video is displayed at the exact same quality. Pick up a DVI to VGA adapter. I'm surprised your graphics card didn't have one in the box to be honest.
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