A new Graphic card improvement.

I'm looking for a graphic card to improve my 6870. - I mainly play world of warcraft, and heard that crossfire would not benefit alot for wow.

I have two simple questions;

How much does the brand matters ? - The XFX and Sapphire does have a lower cost price, but does the performance get affected aswell, or is it only for the overclockers and temp horney people ?

I have aprox. 300$ - 400$ to use, would you recommend a graphic card that runs WoW on ultra, even in raids.

Other specs:

CPU: i5 2500k
GFX: 6870 XFX
Mem: 16gb Vengeance
PSU: 650 Corsair
MB: Asus p8z77-v lx
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  1. Monitor: Samsung 1ms 1920x1080
  2. brand correlates with build and cooler quality along with customer service quality in my case.

    for your budget, you got a good deal of choice to pick from the GTX660, GTX660ti, 7870, 7950, or a 7970/GTX670, with the right deal. granted, the 7950/7970/660ti/670 are overkill for WoW, but i guess you can try to future-proof it for future expansions.


    note as well, 7950s & 7970s currently come with 3 free games. maybe you're not a fan, but who knows? maybe you'll have a use for them.

  3. great links. i see that there are several 7970 in the same chart ( 1920 x 1080 ) - why is that, when the memory and model number are the same. - how do i figure out which one is what.

    - does AMD come with a 8series, maybe worth to wait for?
  4. there are mainly 2 version of the 7970; the 7970 & the 7970 Ghz edition, which is basically a 7970 with a higher base memory & core clock. the article is comparing performance between the old AMD catalyst driver and new.

    you'll be waiting for a good while for the 8000 series. no news when it's coming out. with Cyber Monday coming up, you may even find a crazy cheap deal on a 7970, and they're damn good enough to last you a few years before you need an upgrade, so consider that.
  5. Actually, if your on Windows 7, making WoW use DX11 will yield a great performance gain, without affecting the visuals AT ALL.
  6. I've read that WoW still favors NVidia cards. So I would look towards a 660 for the budget choice, or a 670 if you don't mind spending extra for what is overkill based on current requirements.

    I'm surprised your having issues with your current specs. I have a lesser GPU (GTS 450) and similar CPU (3570K) and get 50+ FPS on Ultra 1920 * 1200 including Raids.
  7. Best card to get would be a GTX 670. I can't believe no one has recommended it yet.
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