Computer keeps making USB unplug noise

Hello, my computer keeps making the noise as if I'm plugging in and unplugging something from the USB port. I have no idea why but randomly it keeps doing it. It also does it when my A/C turns on and whenever the washer and dryer turn on and other stuff as well, I have never experienced anything like this. It's like my computer reads my whole house and makes that noise when something turns on
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  1. Are you using a wireless usb adapter?
  2. Nope, nothing wireless at all. And that wouldn't explain it making noise when my household appliances turn on and off
  3. Anyone know why my computer would be doing this?
  4. Are you using any usb driver software, like XFast USB, that MAY be your problem and it would be worth it to uninstal. Also, check task manager for anything suspicious using alot of memory.
  5. Nope, nothin in task manager
  6. Sorry, I;m not a proffesional, just thinking of all the basic troubleshooting I can. You should go repost this or whatever in the software area.
  7. It's fine, I just never experienced anything like this
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