6950 crossfire with 700w ocz modxstream pro

i was running 6950 2gb crossfire on ocz modxstream pro 700w psu with 2 molex for about 2 weeks with no problems but took one graphics card out because i was worried about if it blew or damaged any other parts of my pc. is my psu able to cope with both or should i just keep with 1 6950 im not overclocking anything

pc specs
i7 3770
64gb ssd
120gb ssd
1tb hdd
12gb ram
6950 2gb iceQ crossfire
700w ocz modxstream pro
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  1. If you wanted to be on the safe side (and regarding longevity of your system) you should get a slightly higher quality, higher wattage PSU but you should be fine with that one.
  2. didnt wanna pay more money out but i wouldnt want anything to happen to other parts of my pc so il start saving up for another one thanks for ur answer :)
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