How is my first build ?

i want to build my first gaming pc . i have selected the components which are as follows :

intel core i5 3470 ( i dont need a "k" processor as i will not overclock )

gigabyte b75m-d3h ( its cheaper than h77 in my country)

corsair 4gb 1600mhz value ram X 2 ( will upgrade later to more if needed )

500gb WD sata 3 ( i dont have enough money for an ssd but will buy one later )

gigabyte hd 7850 2gb ( i can replace the hd 7850 to gtx 670 if i wait for 3 months to save a little more . should i do it ?)

seasonic s12ii 430/520 watt ( i think this will be enough as i wont upgrade for at least 3 years)

corsair carbide 300r ( enough for the compnents to keep cool )

i dont need an optical drive .

I will not upgrade this pc for at least 3yrs . i want to play all latest games like bf3 , far cry 3 , etc.
i have a 1080p monitor and also keyboard, mouse etc .

how is my build ? do i need to alter anything in my build ? is the motherboard ok ? please suggest :hello:
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  1. edt
  2. try to change the case to an M-atx like Fractal Core 1000 or an Emaxx Rebel can save that extra money for a better PSU and add some to your HDD.
  3. @tech_twist . in my country the only matx case is nzxt vulcan and its costs more than 300r .
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