Upgrade! Need advice

Hi guys :hello: . I need your advice for the best possible upgrade on this system. So here the specs.

Processor - E7400 core 2 duo running @ 2.8ghz
Memory - 4g Kingston 1066
Power Supply - Gigabyte 550w
Storage - 500g WD
Motherboard - Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
Video Card - None
CPU Cooler - None
CASE - Fractal core 1000

Also, i want to overclock the processor. :D

Please give me advice. :bounce:
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  1. what is your budget? if you want to build a new one, old case and HDD can be scrapped
  2. $400 to $500 :)
  3. Upgrade for what?

    Gaming: get a video card
    Need more storage: Get a new hard drive
    Photoshop and/or 3D design: everything
    General stuff: maybe more RAM or a SSD
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