Powercolor 7970 vortex is it a wise choice?

Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying this card


I plan on doing some benches and other stuff with it to see a difference from my 7970 reference like how well does it oc and other stuff.

so I wanted to ask the people here how good is this card? is it built with good quality? I've look through reviews and seems like a solid card, I wanted to add it to some of my nice amd gpu collection, and finally get to test a non reference 7970 :love:

need some feedback specially from people who has the card

also wanted to ask for the 7950 PCS+ and the 7950 with dual fans on how good are they.
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  1. well still considering grabbing one of these for my self on christmas but I heard it gets hot on the vrm area but some people manage to tone things down using some 120mm fan blowing air to it. still not sure

    Vc, ati, PowerColor PCS+ HD 7970 3GB GDDR5 VORTEXII
    PHP 17000.00 = 416$ (US) and its the cheapest 7970 on the market (non reference)
  2. I've owned Powercolor hardware and I wouldn't touch it now - cheap and faulty. Same goes for VTX3D (it's the same guys, Tul Corporation). Gigabyte are a good bet. You could also grab a GTX670 and get the same performance for less money (plus PhysX, adaptive v-sync, FXAA etc).
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