BF3 stable system?

Dear people,

I was wondering if BF3 will perform on these hardware specifications:

Asrock Z77 xtreme 4
intel i5-3570K
corsair vengeance 2x4GB dualchannel @ 1600mhz cl 24
GTX550TI 1.5GB
HD WD320gb @ 7200RPM
Zalmann 600Watt voeding

Plan is to buy a new GFX card within 3 months, budget is 200 euro's
Feel free to give suggestions and feedback, thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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  1. I'd not get HDD smaller than 1TB, it costs like 50% more and provides triple capacity.
    You can get a nice a Radeon 7870 for €200 which will make your rig crunch BF3 with ease.
  2. ^^Agreed. The GTX 550 Ti is a crap card if you're planning on purchasing it. I would also recommend a 7870 or a 7850 if the 7870 is not in your budget.
  3. Thank you both lads, for the incredible quick reply in my need for advice :-)

    I have this GTX550TI in my old system, taking it into the new one, untill I have the budget upgrading the GFX card (As I just became father ^^)
    What do you guys think about the build? mobo/ram/cpu.

    Just to be super clear, The GTX550TI I already hve it from my old system, including the HDD and PSU

  4. Congrats to you then, sir.
    Rest of the components look solid.
  5. Thank you Soda-88,

    Good to hear that the rest of the components look solid, do you think I can cut the costs a little bit more by buying a Mini-Atx board, other ram with the same specs but for a lower price, so I can use the money I save on those parts in a new GFX card?

    Best regards.
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