Anyone have benchmarking on old cards as dedicated Physx cards?

Hello everyone,

So has anyone done any benchmarking on using an old graphics cards as a dedicated Physx card?

I was thinking about using my super old 8800gts 640mb.

Will it help on games like metro2033 or last light?..I heard it can help with arkham asylum.

My system specs are below:

Asus Sabertooth x79
16gb DDR3 1600
Nvidia GTX 590

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  1. only 1 way to find out. i know using it with newer cards would deter performance.
  2. It cant hurt. So if have it go for it
  3. I don't have any benchmarks for that, but with GPU PhysX, it's largely all-or-nothing. In this case, the 8800 GTS is more than enough:
  4. Ya I ran a 9600GT for a while it helped... but just sucked up allot of power 99% of the time when not playing physx games sooo eh.

  5. There was just a video on this posted in another thread, I can't find it again though. It was on a youtube. Basically if the card is too old, it slows it down more than letting 1 card do the physx and graphics than using some old card only for the physx.
  6. Interesting...I found this youtube:

    Ill have to try this
  7. reickmey said:

    That's the one I saw.
  8. Meh, I guess someone already tried this on tom's:

    Doesn't look promising...
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