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Hi lads just want your opinions about my spec,

Allright, for now I've got this spec:
CPU: 3350P €154
MOBO: ASRock B75 Pro3-M €60
RAM: Corsair vengeance 2x4GB @1600MHZ €34

Total package: €248

I know this build can't O'C as the 3570k build I've posted earlier, but as I'm not so keen in OC'ing, I might think this new build for 248 euro's might be the best bang for buck choice I have. Suggestions for a budget gaming system with some future proof stuff, always welcome!!

Besides this, I have a new GPU in mind:
Club3D Radeon HD 7870 XT JokerCard (Tahiti LE) €213 euro's

This GFX card comes out pretty good in benchmarks @ BF3. BIG fps...

Curious in your opinion!

Best regards,

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  1. I don't think 7870 LE is a good purchase over the standard 7870 unless you got a good deal

    Other than that everything seems pretty good. I would like to know what power supply did you pick though as that is the most important part.
  2. The 7870 LE, out performs the standart 7870. It actually competes with the 7890. I will look up this benchmark, allright.

    Good to hear that evereything seems pretty good. I am using the powersupply from my old system, the Zalman 600Watt, wich still performs perfectly fine without any major drops.

    Thank you for your feedback EzioAs.
  3. I know the 7870 LE is faster but it just doesn't make sense to buy one because it performs pretty close to the standard 7870. Both can max most games at 1080p already. That's why I said it depends on the deal you get. If prices are similar, 7870 LE is the way to go. If they're too far apart, just get the standard 7870.

    If it's the zalman ZM600, it's good. If it's not, it's probably still good though.
  4. Allright, the standart 7870 is even more expensive than the LE ^^
    Max most games @ 1080p with this GFX, wauw, now thats good news.. something my current GTX550TI wont pull off haha!

    What kind of FPS are you thinking of, in 1920x1080p / mid-high settings?

    Yes ZM600, looked it up :-)

    But overall this ''budget'' build looks good, or can I save some extra bucks somewhere? what do you think
  5. I think all the parts are good. Not much place to cut corners, just keep it.

    You can definitely go ultra on most games at 1080p. In, newer demanding titles like FC3 or Hitman Absolution, you probably have to lower some of the image quality a little bit.
  6. Wow, nice. I will keep it this way.

    Hope to save up money quickly so I can buy this GFX card with it :-)

    What do you think about the GTX550TI, would it run BF3 properly? :-)

    Hitman absolution, running this game on my Duo core E6600 with 8gb ram @ 800mhz and my GFX GTX550TI on stable FPS on Mid settings :))

    Do you think this new cpu/mobo and ram would give this FPS from the GTX550TI an extra boost?

    If I O'C my E6600 for abit, I can see FPS increasement, only heating problems (bluescreens)
    Best regards,

  7. 550ti can run BF3, probably with medium settings or so.

    Your new system will perform way better (around 2x or more) especially with the new CPU and video card. Motherboard don't make an impact and for games, 4GB RAM is still enough though most people opt for 8GB because it's cheap and better price/GB.
  8. Allright, thank you very much EzioAs, you have helped me a great lot in making my final decision. Now I must sell this to the wifey :P hAHA!

    Best regards, enjoy your weekend.
  9. You're welcome. Good luck with your purchase and happy gaming! ;)
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