What in the hell is going on with my GPU?

I just got a monitor with 2560x1400 resolution and I have a Gigabyte HD6870. Sometimes I turn my pc on and I see little green horizontal lines over the dark portions of the screen. I go into the ATI panel and turn ON GPU scaling and the lines go away. Then after several starts the green lines come back. I turn GPU scaling OFF and the lines go away. It seems like it doesnt matter if the gpu scaling is on or off but just switching it makes the lines go away. Any ideas about whats going on?
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  1. catalyst is complete crap plain and simple but would you mind telling me what version you are running?
  2. I currently have 12.4.
  3. Quick suggestion: Try changing res, problem still there? Change res back again. Still there?
  4. OK I changed it to 1920x1080 and it was still there. I then changed it to back to 2560x1400 and it was still there.
  5. Update the drivers. Current version available from AMD is 12.10. 12.11 is also available as a beta release. If you have tried all of the above, and symptoms still occur the shut down the computer, open the case, remove and reseat the graphics card. Make sure that the graphics card is fully inserted and then put the computer back together and restart.
  6. Had a feeling,well 12.10 came out in October and they already have 12.11 in beta might I suggest trying to update either via the catalyst manager or uninstalling the catalyst manager and install using this

  7. Some reason I clicked on update and it said I had the latest version. I then uninstalled and downloaded the beta and it's still happening but not as much. I'm buying a new card and wanted to go with the 7970, however; the 680 is looking much better
  8. The 680 isn't enough for 2560 res, unless you are satisified with <40FPS or so in a lot of games. At that res, you want a 690 for a solid 60+.
  9. What are your full system specs?
  10. Corsiar 600T
    ASUS Rampage III Gene
    Intel i7 960 OC@4.1GHz
    Corsair H60
    Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD
    Gigabyte ATI 6870HD
    Corsair Dominator GT 12GB 1700MHz
  11. Power supply?
  12. Cooler Master - Silent Pro Gold 800-Watt
  13. Now the overdrive thing isn't working and I cant get rid of the green lines. There are no lines when I'm in the bios. Does this mean it's something with the driver?

    Here is a video of what is going on

  14. Just uninstall the drivers and re-try. Make sure to do a clean uninstall.
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