Blurry , non sharp textures on HD 7870

Hi ,
I have got problem with blurry , non sharp textures in most of games , such Battlefield 3 , NFS Most Wanted . I'm using Catalyst 12.11 beta 8 but i had this problem before on 12.10 and 12.8. Here is screen :
Graphic card is connected via DVI.
I'm using native resolution.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. same problem
  2. I couldn't say... my 5970 often blurred the entire frame, not sure about individual textures. PNG and BMP are better formats by the way for this kind of thing - JPEG loses too much definition.
  3. It does look a little bit fuzzy... this is nothing like as bad as my Radeon got though. It died shortly after anyway so I'm back to crisp visuals now :-) I'm afraid I'm not sure what to suggest for you though.
  4. Try changing the 3d application settings in CCC. Change them to use application settings
  5. Thanks but didn't work .
  6. In CCC/3d app settings is the mipmap detail level set to quality/high quality?
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