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I have a home built system which I have had for a few years and last year some time it started to randomly shut itself off. When I loaded up speed fan I found that the CPU and you temps were running hot. So when I opened up the case I found that there was a lot of dust. I blew all the dust out and found that the temps went back down to normal and all was well.

Well just the other day it started shutting itself off again. I looked at the temps and they were running kind of hot. When I opened up the case I found a little dust but not too much. I cleaned it out and it didn't really cool down at all.

So nothing has really changed. All the fans are spinning correctly. I am not sure why it is running hot. I assume that is why it is shutting down. Any ideas as to why this would just start happening again?
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  1. Without knowing the temps and your hardware it's hard to say for sure but it could be worth checking out your thermal paste and that the CPU heatsink is seated correctly.

    It might be worth you posting back with more information though.
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